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Tour is a real unique experience

Come to discover my beautiful Florence


Art and History walking tour​

If you have never been in Florence you can’t miss to walk around the city with a local tour guide to understand and learn about old glorious times when this city was one of the main economical center of the world and inspired artists, scientists and writers. Florence is an open space museum and all treasures are still visible around the streets. In three hours only you will understand and discover the magic of this city.

Medici Tour

Medici is a name that still belong to Florence and Florence will always belong to the Medici. Fascinating history of power, success, conspiracies, this tour will give you the chance to discover the family that in between the 15th and 18th century achieved the power of Tuscany and all Europe. The visit starts in Palazzo Vecchio, palace that allowed us to feel the ancient and immortal strength of the family. After a brief walk we’ll get to the Medici Chapels, their mausoleum where even Michelangelo had been working on decorations to honor the important name of this family. The visit will last around four hours, but in many other places is still possible to meet the Medici. I am thinking of those villas in the countryside…if needed I can hire a driver to go in those undiscovered spots that not even locals knows about!


Uffizi and Accademia Discovery

This is a must: if you enjoyed your walking tour this might be the next step to take to discover the main names of history of art and their main art pieces. Paintings, sculptures…the handsome David and the most beautiful woman in art history, Botticelli’s Venus are waiting for you. To get to visit this two impressive museums five hours are required. If you are traveling with kids or people that are not interested in museums this might not be the right activity to take, but do not forget I can always customize the tour in the way you think is best!

Arno River Boat Tour

If you are planning to celebrate an important event, a birthday or you just want to end a tiring and warm day around the city, this is definitely what you need: one hour of ride in a typical boat (similar the Venetian gondola) in the Arno river! I will be with you to entertain you during the ride and to make sure your glasses will always be full of Prosecco wine, included in the tour. On request it’s possible to organize the visit with a professional sommelier, to have a wine tasting during your ride.


Florence In a Bite

In Italy each region proudly keep their different traditions, dialects and…Food dishes! Because of our fresh products and high quality of raw materials, Italian food is world famous. If you know where to go, Florence offers amazing spots to taste authentic and delicious products. It’s a simple cousin, knows better as Mediterranean diet. In the tour I will take you around the city center, through the market, not only to try local food but also to explain you the stories linked to our dishes. Don’t forget that Florence is the capital of Tuscany: together with food a lot of exquisite wines deserve to be tasted! Depending on food restrictions and allergies you might have I will organize your tour at the best!

Florence in the Dark

For those of you that have already visited the Florentine city center with its museums, for those that hate the crowds and want a different experience, this is what you are looking for: an evening walking tour to discover dark medieval stories through narrow streets. Do not expect to see ghosts but be ready to shiver: in the darkness it’s all much more suggestive.

Tour is a real unique experience: Gli imperdibili del momento

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Tour is a real unique experience: Contatti
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