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Streaming tour

Tour you can take from your house, comfortably from your couch. Here following are just a few, some ideas, but I am totally available to create other personal experiences!


Medici Tour

Many movies and tv fictions are about this important family of Florence, the Medici. But, what is the real story of this fascinating name? Take this hour of tour to discover the power they had, the conspiracies made against them and the big efforts they did to make my city so important from a cultural point of view.


Renaissance Is Florence

Florence is the cradle of Renaissence: moving around the city, looking at buildings, paintings, recalling names of artists will be necessary to discover the real meaning of Renaissance, moment of rebirth for art, culture, politic and economy.


Michelangelo in Florence

Probably not many of you knows that Michelangelo Buonarroti was born in Florence. Before becoming the official artist of the Pope in Rome he left many precious masterpieces in town. With this Virtual tour it will be possible to rediscover his life, works of art and thoughts!


Cooking with Italians!

Touring around is amazing, but if you really want to experience the real Italian life style you have to "mettere le mani in pasta" which means you have to put your hands into "pasta". How? I could organize for you a cooking class to make pasta from scratch, gnocchi, ravioli, tiramisu...or any other dish! 
All the classes will be with an Italian chef and myself.

Virtual Tour: Tour

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